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AP Whey S’mores Protein Powder


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AP Whey™ contains a powerful and delightful blend of Premium Whey Protein Complex and enzymes to fuel your body with the best nutritional ingredients. Making it perfect for recovery and muscle growth.


At Athletic Protein™, we make sure our AP Whey™ is over the top.  Our formula is biologically designed with Whey Protein Isolate, Ultra Filtered Whey Protein, Micellar Casein, and Egg Albumin. Making it highly functional for athletes & bodybuilders who want a quick absorbing protein source, which is natural and delicious.


With the great taste of Premium S’mores™, AP Whey™ gives you the necessary protein your body needs in a taste you can enjoy over and over again!

Not only does Premium S’mores™ delivers an amazing taste, it delivers great quality, low in sugar, carbs and calories. Every scoop of AP Whey™ is packed with active micro functions to feed your body for longer periods of time.


AP Whey™ is perfect to use pre/post workout shake. It’s great for many reasons:

  • Maximize recovery & muscle growth
  • 4 protein sources
  • Fastest digesting and absorbing protein source available
  • Perfect for bodybuilders and athletes


AP Whey™ is the whey to go!

Athletic Protein Protein Powder

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6 reviews for AP Whey S’mores Protein Powder

  1. Veronica

    The taste is AMAZING!!!

  2. Richard

    Love this protein!!!

  3. Owen

    I normally don’t drink shakes, because they make my stomach upset. This one is the only one that haven’t!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 And it tastes amazing

  4. Ethan

    Looooooooove love this protein!!! Really it’s the best! Which they have more flavors

  5. Heter

    This protein is so amazing!!! Is super light and yummy

  6. Pedro

    Finally a protein powder that does not mess my stomach! And the flavor is just amazing

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